auditoire 2020

brand strategy, web design, web development


Auditoire 2020 website has been developed for Auditoire Group.
Auditoire’s mission was to create a dedicated website for the Dubai 2020 Wold Expo.
Our art director director created the design of the website and our developers have applied it online.
Today we manage digital communication campaigns and the evolutions of Auditoire 2020.


For over 25 years, Auditoire has developed a taste for experiences that mark minds for its original creative oriented ideas coupled to cutting-edge technology.

Since 1989, our agencies located in Paris, Dubai, Doha, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong-Kong have designed and produced more than 3,000 such live events for leading brands and businesses all over the world.

Auditoire has been supporting major brands and companies (Nike, Coca-Cola, Citroën, SNCF, Magnum, Alstom, Société Générale …) on their media and off-media communication strategies.

Dubai 2020 World Expo

Connecting minds and Creating the future are the slogans of Dubai 2020 World Expo.
Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability are the three major themes.

Web Design & Web Development

A great project realized for Auditoire Group.
We are particularly proud of this work which represents Arketik futur.