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Pjp Productions



Pjp Productions is one of our suppliers, we work together on videos realization.
We have created the brand with Paul Joseph (founder).
Our art director designed the brand identity and declined it on several communications supports.
Today we are helping Pjp Productions on it’s digital development and we are designing the future website.

The Company

Audiovisual production company for short advertising & institutional films.

Pjp Productions realize, documentary, weddings, music events, artists show, sports, product and brand campain videos destined for the web. Potential customers targets are individuals or small companies.

The activity grows mainly in Corsica, the aim is to promote the region and its activities. A pleasure to put in pictures the nature around us.

Identity • Print

Audiovisual production company has a specific universe, identity has to be well targeted.
We have designed Pjp Productions Identity based on the famous play symbol.

Interactive • Animation

Interactive animation is a part of our savoir faire.
We created an interactive animation for Pjp Productions vidéos end.

Co-Production • Audiovisual

Audiovisual is the most interesting way to present an activity.
We decided to co-produce videos with Pjp Productions to complete our services offer.