the cobbler

brand strategy, web design, web development


When we started The Cobbler project we were in front of a blank page.
Our teams and Sibylle (founder of the brand) have created & designed everything from A to Z.
Our artistic director has determined brand identity and our developers have coded the website.
We have developed the first online shop of The Cobbler and we manage the digital campaigns.

The Cobbler

Their story starts in 2008.

The Cobbler draws its concept from this legacy: “A wish to revive traditions and celebrate craftsmanship”.

It became obvious to provide a traditional and ancestral savoir-faire: their Master Cobbler is recognised as a being a ‘Compagnon du devoir’, a prestigious qualification delivered by a French professional apprenticeship, training to the highest standards of expertise.

They are today extremely proud to say that all of their Craftsmen are delivering their Art within these rigorous guidelines, combining discipline and passion.

Identity & Branding

Identity is how the brand wants to be perceived by its consumers.
For The Cobbler identity we took care of the etymology and the premium positioning of the brand.

Web Design & Web Development

We design websites since 10 years with the same passion as the 1st day.
We are proud to present you The Cobbler’s first e-shop website.